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Hello. Wellcome to the first post on my blog, Body Language Pro. Thanks so much for starting on the journey with me. An Author Blog Challenge spurred me on to bring more folks into the conversation about business body language.

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The Author Blog Challenge is to post for 35 days consecutively about a variety of topics – writing a book, being an author, and about business body language.

I signed up for this Challenge to motivate me to finish my current book, Business Body Language, to get feedback on my writing, and most importantly to build a community of individuals interested in learning more about business body language.

At the end of the Challenge, my goals are to be back in the groove of writing on a daily basis, to “meet” at least 100 people through this blog, and to move closer to book publication.

For each day of the Challenge, there is a writing prompt posted that provides a suggested subject for that day’s blog. Advance notice – some days I will write about the prompt and other days I will write about something else that has sparked my interest. So, each day is like “Anything Can Happen Day.”

Each day I will include at least a tidbit relating to business body language. It’s a universal topic – everyone communicates through body language.

Day 1 Tip – You only have one chance to make a first impression so it’s important to think about your whole persona as you begin a conversation.

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Stop by tomorrow to learn about the five major body “broadcast centers” and their relative importance.

Regards, Barbara

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