It Only Takes a Nanosecond!

Welcome to my Day 3 Post for the Author Blogging Challenge.

As I say this I am sitting at my desk with a smile and looking directly at you (or where you would be). My hands and arms are at chest level and outstretched toward you. My palms are facing up and my fingers are relaxed and open.

Mork & Mindy

Wow – it took me 47 words to describe my body language that you would “read” and interpret in a nanosecond (a shout out to the anniversary of The Mork & Mindy Show’s 1978 debut). Body language is a very efficient way to communicate, but only if you understand the messages you are sending.

More about that below. The Day 3 writing prompt asks about kinds of classes, programs or workshops I’ve taken to hone my writing skills and whether I’ve taught a writing class. Short answer – none and no. I am definitely in the category of “Self Taught.”

I am writing Business Body Language: Your Visual Business Card because as a consultant, speaker and executive coach I witnessed so many “mixed signals” in communication. What the speaker was saying and what the body language was broadcasting were opposite. And in that case, the receiver of the communication ALWAYS believes the body language.

Mixed Signals Enter Do Not Enter

Business Body Language Tip of the Day

Tip of the Day

Make sure your body language (face, feet & legs, arms, torso, hands & fingers) are broadcasting the same message that you are speaking. You spend time thinking about what you are going to say. I suggest that you spend an equal amount of time in thinking about the body language to accompany it.

Finally, a lesson learned already in the Challenge – 24 hours is not a lot of time. I had just written Day 1’s blog and

Shazam 2

it was almost the end of Day 2 and I was just posting. My intent is to write at least one day ahead so that I am calmly posting instead of racing against time. Let’s see how I do.

Regards, Barbara

The Body Language Pro

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