Mixing Red Noses and Business Body Language – Red Nose Day

What happens when you add red noses, red sunglasses, red ball caps, red bow ties, and red deely boppers to the business environment?whats-with-the-nose

Confusion, mixed-up business body language, fun, and fundraising for US children living in poverty.

Red Nose Day, Thursday, May 26, is a nationwide day spotlighting the plight of US children living in poverty as well as providing an opportunity to donate to Comic Relief, Inc., the nonprofit that hosts the event. It has multiple sponsors – Walgreen’s (where I purchased my Red Nose gear), NBC, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, M&M’s, and many others.

You are encouraged to wear your Red Nose paraphernalia to work, act silly, and raise funds. The challenge is to act silly in the work environment and still be within your organization’s norms. Not easy to do.

Here are some Business Body Language tips to make Red Nose Day silly, successful, and simple:

  1. Smile. A smile opens lots of doors and provides you the opportunity to act a bit silly. Try it!
  2. Pretend that nothing is different and that the red nose, deely bopper and bow tie are your normal attire. It can momentarily confuse others and you can observe great facial expressions.
  3. Take the opportunity to be a mime. A mime, an actor that does not speak but conveys messages through exaggerated body language, is the highest form of body language. Channel your inner actor/mime and communicate through facial expressions and body movements. Be brief and watch the reactions.
  4. Interact with someone and see if you can get them “in the Red Nose” spirit. You’ll be giving them a great gift when they drop their business persona for a moment and act silly. HINT: have a couple of spare red noses in your pocket. Give them out freely.
  5. If you have the opportunity, interact with children. You’ll notice that they naturally can be silly. It’s fun

Follow all the social media and televised activities at http://rednoseday.org/ and https://www.facebook.com/RedNoseDayUSA/.

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